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Choosing the Right Flamer for Your stage FX Needs

June 13,2023

Are you ready to add some sizzling excitement to your stage performances?

Look no further than the world of flamers! These incredible stage FX devices are designed to create stunning visual effects that will leave your audience in excitement. but with so many options available, how do you choose the right flamer for your specific needs?


We’ll introduce the features of some the most popular flamers from spark fabrica:I Flamer Plus SF-90  is a type of IP55 waterproof flamer which can straight up flamer driven by fluid and reach 10 meters height; tornado flamer SF-180 and Rotate Flamer SF-360 are torando flamer under the unique design of double valve and pump system, they can reach 10 meters long; Formula Flamer F5 is a newly designed special effect flamethrower with flame spray height of 8-10 meters.


For more details on how to choose the right flamer, please click on our official company website below. Get ready to ignite your creativity and make a fiery impression with the perfect flamer for you!

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