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Spark fabrica 2022

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Many domestic forged gear manufacturers advocate free quenching in concept, in order to simplify the process, facilitate operation, and reduce costs. The development of pressure forced quenching technology and equipment has also been greatly affected. Unfortunately, it is difficult to control the distortion of gears with special structures like bevel gears by free quenching. For decades, the distortion of bevel gears has plagued my country's forging gear industry. In fact, in heat treatment production, for the bending distortion of workpieces such as small twist drills and slender rods, everyone recognizes the use of pressure straightening to achieve stable mass production; and for the thin-walled and large-walled gear manufacturing in forged gears. For parts such as disc bevel gears and auto synchronizer gear sleeves, the use of press quenching can also eliminate or reduce the influence of various potential distortion factors existing in the production process and heat treatment process under strong pressure. The price paid for free quenching is much lower. Therefore, press forced quenching should be an important and indispensable process.


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