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Exceptional quality makes for an exceptional Cold Spark Machine ( Sparkular )

Time : 2023-10-08 Hits : 14

CHANGSHA SPARK TECHNOLOGY ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is a stage equipment enterprise gathers R&D, production, sales and high-end stage effects products, like Spark Jet, Spark Rain, Flamer and so on. As the inventor of the Sparkular ( Cold Spark Machine ) , we have strong R&D capabilities and rich production experience. Made our products professional, special and exceptional.

Our company holds the invention patent of Sparkular ( Cold Spark Machine ) , which is the most creative invention in the stage special effects industry in recent 20 years. On the basis of the R&D of the first generation of Sparkular ( Cold Spark Machine ), we have developed the world’s first built-in battery Sparkular ( Cold Spark Machine ) , instant Sparkular ( Cold Spark Machine ) and other products, which have been welcomed by customers around the world.The Sparkular ( Cold Spark Machine ) has 7 features of no gunpowder, no pollution, control digitization, low consumption and cyclic utilization, easy operation, low installation cost and transportation safety.

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