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Cold Sparkular Machines breathe new life into the special effects industry

Time : 2023-10-31 Hits : 15

Cold Sparks Powders are sold in 150g. packages with each package representing approximately 6-minutes of running spark time. No need to reload the device after a single shot!


There are 2 different Cold Sparks Powders available – Indoor Powder and Outdoor Powder.

You can program a number of tricks like chases,bumps and other cool effects to launch right when you like it to. Traditional production-grade pyrotechnics can run hotter than 1,200 Fahrenheit. The cold spark system, however, produces sparks that are 100 percent safe and non-flammable. As one of the safest and most dazzling special effects in the industry, Sparkular can take a drab event and breathe new life into it.

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