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Spark Fabrica with Seventeen Create Unforgettable Concerts for Worldwide Fans

Time : 2024-03-11 Hits : 24

For this Macao tour, we set 14 units Spark Spin SF-X2 Cold Spark Machine ( Sparkular ), 30 units I Flamer Plus SF-90, 12 units 10 metres waterproof Spark Titan SF-X8 Cold Spark Machine. All of them installed on both sides of the main stage area, in the Macao-visual maximum of the main stage area to both sides of the extension. With the jumping cold firework and visually stunning flamer, Spark Fabrica creates a super-combustible cool stage. Under the shining starlight, the DJ, the dancers, the performers and the live music fans in an explosive music melody and dynamic sound waves, feel the more intense atmosphere and emotion. Especially in some high-energy moments, the addition of fire-breathing equipment was a climax to the atmosphere.



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