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In Liuyang ( The Fireworks Capital of the world ) - Watching the Fireworks Show

Time : 2024-02-29 Hits : 29

In Chinese traditional festival, the Lantern Festival is the most special one. When talking about Firework, we always recall those beautiful moments. Fireworks are an important part of the Lantern Festival. 

If you ask me which is the most unforgettable part of Lantern Festival in Chinese firework city - Liuyang, it must be a breathless display of fireworks and pyrotechnics. In the head of stage, SPARK FABRICA FLAMER set as “ S”, which bringing a unique visual experience to the fireworks display. Various kinds of fireworks and flamer effects reflecting, forming a stunning beauty of the scene.




The video shows the sight of Liuyang full of fireworks, which is simply a wonderful visual experience to look back on. It makes us all even more excited to see what amazing reflections the combination of Sparky and fireworks will produce next time!

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